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Special Note
For Those Interested in Going Deeper

For those who are open to interweaving rich inspiration with empowering information on the more challenging side of ourselves and our world, two other courses are available for your exploration. These heart and mind expanding courses include all of the inspiring materials of the Inspiration Course together with enlightening materials on integrating and transforming the difficult places in our lives. Both courses are 21 lessons on length.

The first course, the Insight Course, is designed to appeal to people from all walks of life. Like all three courses, it is focused on spreading love and inspiration, yet this course takes a universal approach without much of a spiritual interpretation.

The second course, the Transformation Course, is most appreciated by those who are on a deep path of spiritual growth and exploration, and for those who are on mystical or metaphysical journeys. Designed for those who believe that the Divine is present everywhere and in all beings, this course explores materials very similar to that of the Insight Course, yet puts it all into a deeper spiritual perspective.

If you prefer to focus mostly on light an love, the Inspiration Course may be the best choice for you. If you are interested in exploring love and inspiration, and in transforming challenges from a universal perspective, the Insight Course may be the best match. If you want all of this material wrapped in a deeper spiritual perspective, the Transformation Course on the Transformation Team website is recommended. Below are links to all three for you to check out and decide.

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The Transformation Team and Course

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