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The Inspiration Course

Opening to Love and Inspiring Deeper Connections


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"Wow! After taking the Inspiration course, how could I not feel inspired? I am absolutely filled with hope. I have been writing down so many of the inspirational quotes and phrases I have come across in this wonderful journey. I intend to post them all over my house, in my car, in friends' houses, etc. Thanks again, with love."  ~  Josee B.

Heart-Expanding Course Contents

The Inspiration Course consists of 11 information-packed lessons, each of which takes about one hour to complete. You can move through the course and lessons as quickly or slowly as you like.

Designed and developed by the educational nonprofit organization PEERS, these powerful lessons contain thought-provoking essays, quotes, photos, online videos, and exercises designed to inspire you to open to ever more love and deeper connections your life.

In exploring these lessons, you will:

  • Watch deeply moving videos which have brought inspiration and motivation to countless hearts.
  • Digest thought-provoking quotes from some of the most loving souls to ever to walk this planet.
  • Explore empowering exercises designed to open your heart and mind in refreshing new ways.
  • See that when we come together with the intention of spreading love and joy, we are an unstoppable force for transformation in our lives and world.

Come Join Us!

Upon completing the Inspiration Course, those who have registered will be invited to join a community networking portal where you can connect with others who have gone through this or one of our other personal growth courses. This portal is a wonderful place to give and receive support, to connect with others who share your passions, and to post information about some of the powerful, inspiring movements rapidly spreading in our beautiful world.

Please note that links are provided to move through the course without registering. You can find your way from one lesson to the next by using the link for self-directed participants at the end of each lesson. You can also easily find any lesson by using the link to the lesson index at the top right corner of any webpage on this website.

Yet to join the networking portal, you must register at the end of lesson one and go on to complete the course. Registration also allows you to track your progress and to keep a confidential online journal of your course experience. Any information entered in the course support center is available only to those who have volunteered to offer support and been approved by course administrators.

"THANK YOU to all responsible for the creation of this course. In a world of so much chaos and confusion, it is refreshing, invigorating and rewarding to have an online source for a personal 'recharge', a vibrational boost, and spiritual validation! The course is appropriate for most anyone, regardless of age, belief system, gender or career affiliation. Simple but profound, gentle and loving, the course continually allowed me to feel good thoughts about my Self, about all other human beings and all life on our glorious planet!"  ~  Salanda

The Inspiration Course is focused almost exclusively on love, joy, and inspiration. Two longer, 21-lesson versions of the course include all of this, yet also explore and intertwine the more challenging sides of ourselves and our world. For those who might be interested in this expansive dance of shadow and light, please click here before starting the Inspiration Course.

To demonstrate a deep commitment to building a new paradigm, the Inspiration Course, course support center, and community networking portal are all provided free of charge, though donations are very much welcome, as they help to continually improve and expand upon this service to humanity. Join us in spreading the love and inspiration. Thanks for your interest, and have a most awesome, enlightening journey through the course!

"Super, fantastic, awe inspiring! This course has verified and clarified many spiritual aspects of myself. The continuing re-inforcement of all the good that so many are involved in is so heartwarming and uplifting. I thank you from the heart of my being for helping to clarify and support my life's intentions. I want to assist the changes taking place for the betterment of humanity. The Web of Love exercise has changed my life! Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!!"  ~  Christine B.

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Community: Linked arms around the world

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