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Inspiration Course: Lesson One

The Unlimited Potential
Within Every One of Us

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Unlimited potential

Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.  ~  Rumi

Now you will have the opportunity to witness a video clip of one of the most powerfully transformative programs in our world. Challenge Day has transformed the lives of countless teenagers and even entire schools across North America.

Thousands of testimonials every year describe in glowing words how this one-day program has dramatically improved teenagers' lives. Some participants had even been contemplating suicide before Challenge Day, yet now see meaning and real possibilities in their lives.

The one-day program offered by Challenge Day in hundreds of high schools and junior highs every year opens students to seeing their common humanity in a way that is simply miraculous. Please watch the powerful 15-minute clip of the Emmy award winning documentary below and breathe in the deep inspiration of this life-changing program.

A big YES! to the experience of Challenge Day and its ability to show the rich potential in every student even in one day! Once people realize how much we all have experienced separation and alienation, yet how much we are all alike in our essence, they can't help but feel more connected and open to the love that lies in each of our hearts.

We can all be very thankful for programs like Challenge Day which remind so many individuals of our common humanity in a very powerful, moving way. As ever increasing numbers of people understand that every person in the world has a heart, let us join in working ever more powerfully to support the unlimited potential within each one of us.

Thank you for sharing in the empowering inspiration of lesson one of the Inspiration Course. There is lots more to come! For those who would like to explore other inspiring resources along the lines of this first lesson, please see the information in the two sections below. For those interested in being part of an online community of inspiration, or in registering for the course to receive support, keep a journal, and keep track of your progress, see the registration link at the bottom of this page.

For those interested in weaving together the shadow aspects of our lives and world with these highly inspiring materials, click here. There is no charge for registration or for anything in the course, though donations are welcome.

It is only with the heart that one can see rightly.
What is essential is invisible to the eye.

Antione de Saint Exupéry in The Little Prince

Flower of Life

Image by Teka Luttrell of

Take Action: Suggested Activities to Be the Change

  • Connect with your own heart. Start by sitting quietly with yourself. Take a few slow, deep breaths while inviting your mind to settle down. Just notice and feel your breath for a minute or so. Feel your heart beating. Notice what you are feeling. Then when you are ready, find and open to the place in your heart which only wants to love and be loved. Allow this energy to flow through your heart, mind, body, and spirit.
  • Connect with the hearts of others. As you go through the day, look for the heart in each person you meet. Imagine and connect with the place in them that wants only to love and be loved. When you wake up in the morning and just before going to bed at night, open to doing this and to feeling your own heart and the place within that just wants to love and be loved.
  • Think of a few people that you believe are beyond help like T.J. Ware in the story. Imagine what might happen if, instead of focusing on their shortcomings, we all consistently chose to see their heart. Cultivate the habit of looking for the best in those who are calling out for attention, and then supporting them in being the best that they can be.
  • When were you bullied or humiliated by others in your life? How did this affect you? What story did you make up about yourself? Are you ready to let go of that story? Explore ways to express forgiveness to both yourself and others for anything done to you and how you reacted.
  • Think of times when you might have been the bully or have humiliated others. When have you labeled someone or some group (or yourself) in a way that created distance between you and reinforced stereotypes? How often do you do this now? Explore ways to forgive yourself, to let go of rigid labels and stereotypes, and to open to greater heart connection.
  • Where have you felt all alone in your suffering? How has this served you? Find ways that you can shift your feelings of being alone to feeling more connected with the hearts of those around you.

For Those Who Want More - Challenge Day website

This inspiring website has lots of great information on the powerful work that Challenge Day is doing with both teens and adults in North America and even a few international locations. Those in the U.S. and Canada can volunteer for one day at a program in order to be able to experience this most amazing transformation in person. For information on this, contact Challenge Day with a request to volunteer. - Website of Dancing Matt

The fun video of Matt dancing around the world has inspired many millions. Matt describes himself as a deadbeat who used to think that all he ever wanted to do in life was make and play video games. Eventually his life began to feel empty, like he was missing out on something. In February of 2003, he quit his job and used the money he'd saved to wander around Asia until it ran out. On his journey, he came up with the video idea. The rest is history. This website is inspiring others to follow their dreams and find deeper meaning and joy in life. - The Love Foundation

An inspiring website promoting unconditional love. The vision and purpose of the Love Foundation is to further the understanding and application of unconditional love through education, research, and charitable programs. The desire is to fund a variety of activities that enhance unity and self-conscious expression while promoting love and tolerance to all aspects of life. - Inspiring Website:

Idealist is an interactive website where dedicated people and organizations exchange empowering resources and ideas, locate opportunities and supporters, and take steps to build a better world. You can also create a personal profile to network with other idealists, sign up for daily alerts with opportunities matching your interests, learn about community actions in their resource centers, list your organization, and post opportunities, program information, events, and much more. - Inspiring Videos

This webpage presents some of the most inspiring videos available on the Internet. Please note, however, that if you are planning to take the entire course, most of these videos will be shown in later lessons of the course. - Inspiring News Articles

One-paragraph excerpts of highly inspiring news articles reported in the major media. Links are provided to the full original articles on their media websites. May these news articles inspire us to find ever more ways to love and support each other and all around us to be the change we want to see in our lives and world.

Thanks for your openness to seeing the unlimited potential within every one of us. Lesson two will dive into inspiring material exploring how we can open to more love and connect more deeply with other people and beings through breathing sacred love. Thanks for caring and for your interest in being an inspiration to all.

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