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Inspiration Course: Lesson Seven

Life Purpose and
The Power of Intentions

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The less clear a person is of their deepest life intentions and purpose, the more easily they tend to be influenced by the world around them. The more clear they are, the more powerfully they influence the world around them, and so can create the life they envision.

Two matters which often distract people from their life purpose and intentions are sex and money. The next lesson will deal with sexuality and how we can bring the sacred into this most intimate connection. The remainder of this lesson will explore how we can transform our concepts of money to support more love and deeper connections in our lives. The below brief essay is a wonderful place to start.

https://www.personalgrowthcourses... - Making a Living That Affirms Life

The author of the above article, Lynne Twist, is an amazing dynamo who is powerfully helping to transform money from being a dirty word to being a concept that can help to transform our lives and world. The below essay is taken from a short, touching speech by a woman who was deeply inspired by both Lynne Twist and Nobel Peace Prize winner Muhammad Yunus of Bangladesh, the wonderfully inspiring founder of the microcredit movement and Grameen Bank.

The most common misconception people have about money is the belief that if they had more money they would be more happy. Yet this is often not the case. In the poorest villages you can sometimes find the most happy people, while some of the richest people on the planet are the least satisfied and most tormented. It is not how much money we have that determines our happiness in life, but rather how satisfied we are with what we've got.

The pervasive message around us is that the next new thing will make us feel better. "If I only had X, I would be happy." Yet this belief almost necessarily leads to dissatisfaction. Even if we get what we want, after the initial joy wears off, we find ourselves wanting what's next. Our craving for more never ends. Yet when you die and look back at all that you had, what do you think will matter?

So much of what really makes us happy has nothing to do with what we buy. What leads to deeper joy for most people is loving and being loved, feeling connected to others, enjoying beauty in its many forms, and our ability to do something we feel is important, so that our life is meaningful. Yet do you realize that none of these things cost money? Love, friendship, caring – these most precious things in our life are free, requiring only the time and energy we give to create them.

And now for the important question. How are you using your money? Are you as deeply committed to spreading love in the financial arena as in other areas of your life? If the answer is no, consider what that means and what impact it might have both personally and globally. If the answer is yes, you may very much enjoy the below two-page essay describing microcredit, one of the most powerful movements to transform the face of poverty on our planet. Yet this inspiring means of investing requires very little for you to play an important role. - Help to End Poverty

Now is the time to consider how you can move into a more meaningful relationship with money and your finances. Let us all consider where we are acting out of our fear of scarcity, and commit to opening to the deeper abundance and unlimited potential that is already there deep within us. This is some of the most powerful work we can do to create a new paradigm in our lives and world.

At the end of this course, you will be presented with an opportunity to use new paradigm thinking around finances. You will be invited to consider the value of this course and all that you have gained from it. The course is offered free of charge in the spirit of creating a new paradigm around money, yet financial support is needed in order to make all of this happen and to help our community grow. Are you willing to transform your relationship to money and contribute, so that we might all benefit?

Though money is an important matter for most of us, we don't have to be all that serious about it. To bring in a little humor and inspiration, we have two last pieces. The first is a fun story on the value of money and its relationship to life purpose. The second is an inspiring three-minute video titled "Love is Energy." May the love and joy here energize your life purpose and intentions. Enjoy! - What Really Matters in Life? - Love is Energy

The most valuable possession you can own is an open heart.
Carlos Santana

What is most important to you?

Take Action: Suggested Activities to Be the Change

  • Write down your life intentions and purpose and post them where you can see them easily to be frequently reminded of what you really want in life. When you wake up in the morning and just before going to bed at night, recommit yourself to your purpose and intentions. Open to guidance and suggestions from friends, family, and your spirit guides in refining and further developing your intentions. And ask for support in living the life you envision.
  • Notice when unconscious parts of yourself (thoughts, feelings, desires) arise to block you from following your deeper intentions and purpose. Acknowledge these parts and find a way to give them a voice. Engage in some kind of dialog with these conflicting parts of yourself, inviting them to harmonize with your deeper intentions.
  • What do you think is the meaning of life? How is this related or not related to the purpose and intentions you have developed for yourself?
  • Think about times in the past when you have placed money as a higher priority than other things in your life. Did this serve you in the long run? How important is money to you right now? How important would you like it to be in your life? Seriously consider how you can transform your relationship with money and place love and connection clearly as a top priority.
  • When have you chosen short-term gains that led to long-term losses. When you buy the cheapest goods, are you supporting child labor? Are you investing in stocks which largely benefit the rich while exploiting the poor? What are you supporting with your money? Make a commitment to yourself not to just look for the bargains, but rather to consider the long-term costs, the quality of goods, and how they are made when you buy them.
  • Consider using the law of attraction around your finances. When you open to sharing your money more freely, it is very likely that this energetic outpouring will invite more abundance to pour into your life. Explore and take action on the many ways you can transform your story around money. How can you best use your money to spread love and joy in the world?

For Those Who Want More - A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life Purpose by Eckhart Tolle

This amazing book is filled with powerful information and tools designed to help you move through any blocks you might have to moving fully into your life purpose and intentions. It is the best guide of its kind that we've seen. - The Intention Experiment by Lynne McTaggart

A groundbreaking exploration of the science of intention. Drawing on the findings of leading scientists from around the world, this very well researched book demonstrates that our thoughts and intentions have incredible power to shape our lives. A few of the chapters have truly astounding information with the potential to change the way you think about your life and our world. - Books on Purpose and Intentions

A list of over a dozen excellent books which can guide to to greater clarity on your life purpose and intentions. Short descriptions of each book by a variety of respected authors help to decide which might be most empowering for you. - Soul of Money Institute

This empowering website by fabulous fund raiser Lynne Twist inspires readers to transform their relationship with money. It provides a refreshing new look at money and what it can be in our lives and world. Lynne's inspiring book The Soul of Money also gives a refreshing view of how money can be a transformative force in our lives both personally and globally. - Awakening the Dreamer website

Founded by powerhouse activists Lynne Twist and her husband Bill, Awakening the Dreamer is a nonprofit, volunteer-based movement spreading around the globe to educate people on how money and greed have endangered our world, and what we can do to change our collective dream by the right use of our money and resources. Based in empowering indigenous philosophies, this transformative movement is part of the Pachamama Alliance. - One Minute Shift Videos

Webpage of the one minute shift video competition winners. These inspiring one-minute videos are packed with meaning and inspiration. The contest was sponsored by the pioneering organization Institute of Noetic Sciences, which conducts and sponsors leading edge research into the frontiers of consciousness.

May we all find empowering ways to support each other in living our purpose and intentions to the best of our ability as we work together to spread love and inspiration. For those registered for the course and interested in joining our community portal, please write your life purpose and intentions along with your impressions of this lesson before moving on to the next lesson.

In lesson eight we move from life purpose and expanded concepts of money to the potentially transformative aspects of sacred sexuality. Thanks for being who you are, and have a most beautiful day filled with love, joy, and meaning.

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