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Inspiration Course: Lesson Three

Taking Responsibility for Our Lives


It's not what happens to you that matters, it's what you do with it.
W. Mitchell, Inspirational Speaker

As we breathe sacred love and invite to deeper connections with ourselves and those around us, we can open to another simple, yet transformative idea: taking responsibility for our lives. As a first step to exploring this key topic, the below two-page article discusses the roles of victim and creator, and how when the going gets tough, we have choice as to which role we play.

Next, W Mitchell is a man who speaks from rich experience. The below inspiring, 15-minute video reminds us that it's not what happens to us that matters, but rather what we do about it. In spite of tremendous adversity in his life, W Mitchell chooses again and again not to be a victim, but rather to be a powerful creative force in life, and an inspiration to all who know him.

It's not what happens to you that matters, it's what you do with it! After watching this inspiring video clip, think of all the ways you may have blamed yourself or others for shortcomings in yourself or your life.

Does it really serve you to blame anyone or anything? What if we choose to accept our circumstances, to accept our lives, and to accept our world just as they are? Aren't we then freer to move powerfully forward and transform into a more effective, inspiring presence for ourselves and for those around us?

For a thought-provoking three-page essay by a renowned relationship counselor giving more valuable ideas on this potent topic, please see the link below.

So would you rather be right or be happy? The two short, inspiring stories of father and son healing below beautifully demonstrate how one person alone letting go of the need to be right and then taking personal responsibility can dramatically change a significant relationship for the better. - Scott's story (two pages) - Fred's story (two pages)

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Healing and mastery come as we embrace all that is exactly as it is, while taking complete responsibility for our relationship with it.   ~  Dane Colby

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